10 Best Careers for Human Resources Professionals

10 Best Career for Human Resources Professionals

How beautiful will it be if your hires could make a nascent organization a million-dollar company? However, identifying talent could be daunting. Besides, there are numerous other roles and responsibilities associated with human resources jobs.

And if you hold a problem-solving mindset, there is a lot that you can do. Plenty of challenges concerning hiring and employee retention await your magic in every other industry and every other sector.

Career development in HRM - What is HR job & what will you learn?

When you decide to be a human resources professional, you will be required to pursue a course in this sphere from a recognized institution. Most widely accepted, however, is an MBA in human resources. Currently, the scope of an MBA in HR is at an all-time high owing to the growing start-up culture accompanying painful challenges concerning human resources management. Every passing year, MBA graduates from reputed colleges and universities bag most of the human resources jobs.

An MBA in human resources is essentially a two years program focused on enhancing one’s management in human resources.

So, what will you learn in this course of time? Here is a list of a few important aspects you will learn during those two years of your MBA:

  • Employment law & ethics
  • Human capital management
  • Ethical decision making
  • Organizational development
  • Talent management
  • Workforce planning
  • Labor market analysis
  • Labor market forecasting

1. A Chief human resource manager

I am sure you have this position in mind if you aspire for human resource jobs. Being part of the core team where decision power lies is undoubtedly a better opportunity to prove your worth. Needless to say, you will be responsible in entirety for the human resources department in place.

2. Human resources director

A human resources director coordinates with the chief HR manager to operate activities concerning human resources. You will be directly interacting with employees for various accomplishments time and again. Besides, you will be actively participating in the training and development program. You will be explaining benefits and imparting other life lessons to your valuable employees.

3. Training and development manager

A lot of us are naturally good at educating people. A training and development manager is required to do just that. Well, you can give direction to this trait by becoming a training and development manager. Human resources jobs in this profile involve organizing, conducting training programs for an assured outcome.

4. Labor relations manager

If reading through labor laws convinced you, probably you may find yourself inclined towards this responsible role. As a labor relations manager, you will fight for the rights of workers in the organizational setting, talking about what is right for a worker, what is ethical, and what is not.

5. Employee relations manager

Who would desire conflicts in the workplace? Disagreements and differences in opinion are natural. Besides, a competitive setting is likely to cause conflicts once in a while. Conflicts however aren’t inevitable. Here comes the role of a human resources manager specialized in employee relations. And improve relations among the employees for better cause and growth of the company.

6. Human resources consultant

Consultancies are at an all-time high. And with growing demand for employees and a poor labor management system in place, the human resource departments of numerous companies are in a complex state looking for a solution. Hence, as a human resources consultant, you can make some good money while enjoying flexibility with the working hour.

7. Recruiter

Hiring could be hectic if you don’t enjoy discovering new minds and experienced ones. But, once you get into it I am sure you will start enjoying it when you realize what contribution you are making for an organization by bringing in suitable talents with flair to do wonders.

You will be responsible for filling vacancies from the executive level to senior levels to directors. As a recruiting manager, you can join a company as a full-time employee or work on a contract basis where you may be paid for filling positions.

8. Human resources analytics manager

As a human resource analytics specialist, you will be required to keep track of the cost incurred in managing a team of employees. It could be the cost of hiring, cost of training, bonuses, promoting an employee, etc. Other duties may include calculating revenue generated per employee, figuring out ways to improve talent acquisition strategy, and formulating recommendations.

9. Compensation & benefits manager

Who would deny checking out perks and benefits after a thorough investigation of compensation being offered for a particular role in an organization? So, who takes care of this aspect? Well, the duties of a human resource manager also extend to such deeds. A human resources manager is specially appointed to take care of compensation and benefits for the employees.

10. International human resources manager

Role as an international human resources manager can be the best way of career development in HRM beyond the domestic sphere. A few extra skills and the ability to adapt and mix with new cultures could fetch you a few extra benefits like traveling to a foreign land and adventuring to new places.

Day-to-day activity, however, will comprise those in the domestic setting like hiring candidates (here, from around the world), distributing compensation and benefits, training and development, etc.