19 Great Career Ideas For The Future| A List Of Careers For The Next 10 Years

Futuristic vision accompanies great benefits. One among them is to consider making a career choice in the field which is likely to flourish in the years to come. Particularly, choose from among the career options in the domain which is to see considerable growth in the next 10 years and also goes with your interest.

Interestingly, our list of 19 best career options for the future comprises almost every field of study. You will find one or more professions that fall under:

  • PCM career options,
  • PCB career option,
  • PCMB career options,
  • Commerce career options,
  • Arts career options,
  • Bba career options,
  • Bca career options,
  • MBA career options,
  • Other science, commerce and arts streams.

While a few of them that do not require a graduate degree could be the best career options after 12th, most of them that require a graduate degree could be the best career options in India, offering lucrative salaries.

We, at Paisan Career, have consolidated a list of career ideas to consider for the future:

1. Cyber Security

Today, cyber security is more than just preventing hackers from manipulating systems and networks. The capabilities of the Pegasus spyware that surfaced recently is an apt example suggesting the unsaid need for cyber security today and in times to come. Undoubtedly, this could be the best career option for PCM students. Career choices in this domain are to see great benefits and growth in the upcoming years.

2. Medical Professional

Who knew that a pandemic would explode to make us realize that we can not take things for granted, especially when health is concerned. We saw startups coming up trying to solve health concerns following SOPs and restrictions due to the pandemic. Online health consultation and delivery of medicines saw great demands, thereby expanding the list of careers options in the medical field.

In addition to the traditional PCB career options like MBBS, now we have a plethora of career options after the 12th PCB except medical.

3. Robotics Engineer

Automation has started finding its importance. And stakeholders in the business have started realizing the true capacity of robotics engineering in easing the hardships that go in accomplishing jobs manually. Career options in this field have seen unimaginable success and growth.

It can be one of the best PCM career options. However, it will require you to pursue an engineering degree from a decent college or university.

4. Software Developer

The transition from paper to digital, and keypad to screen touch happened gradually and are not matters that happened long back. We are yet to establish dependency on coded systems and software in several parts of the world. Hence, software development can be one of the best career options after 12th science PCM, bringing in handsome income.

Becoming a software developer is one of the most common science stream career options. Undoubtedly, the software industry has grown manifold and will continue to grow in the future.

5. AI/ML Expert

AI/ML is certainly here to stay for at least a decade until a new technology comes in. We are certainly not clueless about how AI/ML has helped revolutionize the tech industry. And it certainly will continue to contribute for severe decades to come. Therefore, the AI industry will become one of the best career options for AI/ML enthusiasts in the future.

6. Blockchain Developer

One thing which is yet to be understood by millions is the system of blockchain. The only hurdle in the path of blockchain technology is the resistance in acceptance of it.

However, with time as blockchain technology is expanding its roots, the job of a blockchain developer can be one of the best career options, especially if you like innovation and have a great affinity for finance and technology.

7. Data Scientist

Needless to say, data needs to be studied to bring out valuable insights that could benefit an organization in various disciplines. Just as data keeps growing, so does the demand for a data scientist to study those data. Among career options in the technical domain, a career in data science deserves consideration.

8. Full-Stack Developer

The Authority of a business is measured by its online presence. This in turn opens up opportunities for Full Stack Developers and those aspiring to become one.

Due to multiple skillsets, the position of a full-stack developer is one of the best career options, whose demand will only surge in days to come. Multiple skills and qualities of a full stack developer limit the requirement of resources and hence can be one of the best career options in India.

9. UI/UX Designer

Both the visual aspect and interactivity of a software/application are important to hold users to stay longer on a platform. Hence, the demand for a good UI/UX Designer has seen abnormal growth which is likely to amplify in times to come. Besides, it is among the greatest career choices for those who are not very sound at mathematics.

10. Graphic Designer

Booming electronic media has opened up gates for graphic designers. Ample opportunities are born every day with organizations upgrading to digital presence.

Graphic designers are visual communicators who convey ideas in graphical form. Diploma and bachelor courses in design are the most preferred profiles in web designing companies and media houses and are likely to see exponential growth.

11. Educator

Undeniably, the education sector has never seen a down phase. Additionally, new things coming up, require people to educate others regarding the same. So, if you can learn new things and educate others regarding the same, ample opportunities are waiting for you in the years to come.

12. Finance Professional

The businesses of every organization revolve around finance. And every organization requires a professional to help them with the monetary aspect. Career choices in the finance sector ask for responsibility and accountability but also come with better pay.

A graduation degree in commerce or business administration can be one of the best career options after 12th commerce. A post-graduation degree further or after graduation in any domain can help realize greater aspiration.

13. Statistician

Analyzing numbers has never been easy. Thus, not everyone has the affinity to study mathematics. However, for you, if reading stats and analyzing numbers have been fun, you might find yourself in a prestigious position in a reputed organization, taking care of some serious number games.

14. Construction Engineer/Manager

Infrastructural development is a never-ending business. Building new landmarks, demolition and rebuilding continue. Hence, planning a career in this respect is a good idea.

A Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from a decent college or university can help you become a construction engineer and a manager upon gaining experience or getting an MBA degree.

15. Product Manager

Can you imagine products being produced and sold with a product Manager? Every organization requires a professional to study the market, and design the product accordingly. Hence, a career option as a product manager may yield handsome perks and benefits.

16. Marketing Manager

Selling of products/services without marketing ceases to exist. Every organization requires marketing professionals to help promote its products or services to a larger set of audience.

MBA in marketing is one of the most sought after degrees among graduates of any stream. Nevertheless, leadership skills and a positive attitude is an added advantage.

17. Social Media Manager

Success on social media platforms requires skills. It is not very easy to grow those numbers of interactivity. Besides, having authority over social media platforms is becoming difficult every passing day. So if you know the hacks, your chances of employment in this field are higher.

Although a professional degree is not required to become a social media manager, growing on social media requires one to be able to research and identify the market and the audience. Hence, it can be one of the best career options for commerce students with a business background.

18. Chartered Accountant

Managing accounts has never been easy for businesses keeping the demand for accounting professionals intact. With new businesses coming up, the need for chartered accountants is likely to grow in years to come. Also, a chartered accountant is one of the most sought-after career options for students in the commerce domain.

Chartered accountancy is the most pursued and one of the best career options after

19. Business Development

If long working hours and high levels of stress do not bother you and you are not scared of achieving targets, then a career in the field of sales and business development may welcome you with open arms. With new businesses coming up, their growth heavily depends on capable business development professionals. And in the next few years, the demand for such professionals is going to be in crazy numbers.

If you are yet to decide your career path, you may choose from among the best career options for the future in India and abroad to reap benefits when both your skills and the industry sees a saturation point.

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